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Mark Hendrikx - Automotive engineer at Mosselman

Expert's advice:

Looking for more performance but do you still have the warranty on your car? The iTronic is a highly advanced engine controller that works simultaneously with the original ECU and is highly recommended on new and young BMW models. It is designed as an external module (tuning box) that can be installed and removed by the end-user, minimizing problems with factory warranty.

Mark Hendrikx - Automotive engineer at Mosselman



The next level of intelligent engine control

  • Blistering Performance and Plug-and-Play
    Stage 1 increases output around 35 to 75 horsepower, depending on the engine type.
  • Steering Wheel Control
    Turn the iTronic on/off with the buttons on your steering wheel.
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MOSSELMAN tuning experiences

  • Dennis - BMW X5 40e

    My first impressions after the remap: the acceleration is much more dynamic, it feels like the car now has the powertrain that fits it well! I’m very satisfied with your service, explanations, and friendly approach. Thank you!

    Dennis - BMW X5 40e

  • Thom H.

    Mosselman tuned my BMW 318d today. What a result, it became a completely different car! Very professional company and friendly staff. This was my second car here and again they have exceeded my expectations. Thanks!

    Thom H.

  • Rob M.

    Very happy with my improved car, the car reacts better on the throttle and is very direct. Also, the exhaust sounds better!

    Rob M.

  • Anders M.

    With Mosselmans' performance package I exceeded even more than the company advertised on their website! The information-sharing process was easy and hassle-free. Excellent customer service from Leon and his team!

    Anders M.

  • Romke B.

    After 1,5 years still very happy with my iTronic. By far the best upgrade I could have done with my BMW 340i.

    Romke B.

Technical details

Measured results on our dynamometer

What does our dyno say? Stock hp iTronic hp Stock Nm iTronic Nm
BMW 118i 136 hp 173 hp 220 Nm 323 Nm
BMW X5 30d 258 hp 300.5 hp 560 Nm 665 Nm
BMW M550i G30 462 hp 533.5 hp 650 Nm 801 Nm