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OBD flash tool, read and write remaps, read & clear DTC’s


Now you have the power to flash!

Mosselman Turbo systems introduce the iMoss to give you the power to flash your car with our files, return to stock any time you want and read and clear fault codes.

So from now on, you can load the quality maps from Mosselman Turbo Systems in your car through OBD by yourself! Available for almost all BMW and Mini models.

How does it work

– Install the last version software program iMoss_BMW_Installation.exe

– Now run iMoss program with iMoss cable device connected to the PC on one side and to the vehicle’s diagnostic plug OBD on the other side. The software starts checking the connection to your car, identifies your car and ECU, and asks you if you want to lock to this car.

After you confirm this, you can read out the original program from your ECU (after this your car is still fully functional). We recommend that you save this original program on your pc/laptop and mail it to us.

As soon as we receive your file by email, we start remapping that file, and you can expect your custom made remap back in 24hours.

Once you receive your remap, you connect the iMoss again to your car and program it to your car and enjoy it!

iMoss program download & support

Mosselman Turbo Systems iMoss Software
Remap Mosselman Turbo Systems iMoss

What comes with the iMoss
The following is included:
– iMoss hardware device, USB to OBD
– iMoss software
– Installation and operation manual

System requirement (laptop, PC)
Windows XP or higher, and since the software is relatively light, core speed over 400MHz, RAM over 200MB free, HDD over 400MB free.

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