The all new MSL iTronic

The next level of Intelligent engine control
Mosselman Turbo Systems iTronic Engine Controller

Performance that blows your mind

Meet iTronic: simply the most intelligent engine control unit available for BMW engines. Designed for the latest engines, the module can handle all new BMW models that are available.

It’s capabilities are mind blowing: it delivers a high percentage of performance boost. In some cases even up to 100%. That is some serious tuning. Forget the basic tuningboxes on the market: iTronic is here.

Rock solid & future proof

iTronic is designed to last a lifetime. With its billet aluminium housing, it is heat and waterproof and it’s almost indestructable.

At the software side, the device is designed with the future in mind. With regular updates, the module keeps improving, making it even better over time.

If that’s not enough, here is another fact: the high-end electronics are far better beyond any existing modules that are available on the market.

Mosselman Turbo Systems iTronic Product - back
Mosselman Turbo Systems iTronic Product - top


Microcontroller 176 pins, 200MHz
iTronic settings controlled via steering wheel
Billet CNC machined aluminium housing
 LED illuminated cover

Developed for latest and future BMW models
Software updates/ calibration by USB 3.1
80-pin connector for in-/output

Data log functionality
CAN bus connection
4-layer PCB design

Extra available options for iTronic

(extra costs apply)

– Control the exhaust valve with your steeringwheel
– Deactivate the start/stop system
– Needle swipe at ignition on
– Control performance settings with your steering wheel
– Boost meter next to the odometer

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 Warranty

iTronic comes with 2 years limited warranty on the product.

iTronic and BMW dealers

To avoid debates with your local BWM dealer, we advise you to remove iTronic before your visit. Depending on your car, model and experience, this will take somewhere between 10–30 minutes.

 14 days trial period

Not satisfied? Highly unlikely, but if you’ve changed your mind, just send it back within 14 days and we will refund your purchase immediately.


Depending on your car, you will gain an increased performance boost of about 25 – 40%. In some cases the performance increase can exceed even 100% with optional plugins (will be released before summer 2018). You will notice increased acceleration, the cars feels lighter, and the overall driving experience is raised to a whole new level.

Fuel saving

The fuel consumptions depends heavily on someone’s driving style. Optional settings allow the driver to decrease fuel consumption or change between maps to support different driving styles. If the full potential of iTronic is used, fuel consumptions will obviously increase. If your driving style is unchanged, a significant fuel saving is possible.


iTronic comes with an easy to use manual. This will help you to install it step by step in just an half hour. The location to install the module is different per car and model. Check your manual for the specifics.

Future updates

We will release regular software updates. Extra features and settings will be added to give the driver even more control and customization. iTronic is equipped with a waterproof USB 3.1 port, making it possible to update the device by the owner.

Switch between cars

If your other car is the same model and type, you can transfer iTronic to that car if needed. If it’s a different model but with the same engine, you might need other cables. If you have any doubts, ask us for compatibility advice before installation.

Future proof

We call iTronic future proof for a number of reasons. First, it is technologically advanced with its super powerful 176-pin processor able to read or modify up to 116 channels. This enables us to adjust almost anything to new engines and car types in the future. Also, the brandnew “SENT” protocol can be processed by iTronic. Furthermore, the wareproof USB 3.1 port is the latest and fastest transfer method to update/transfer data to and from the device.

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