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BMW 525i E60 218hp (N53)

BMW 525i E60 218hp Performance program


excluding sales Tax

BMW N53B30 25i E-series 218hp

In the table below you find an overview of the available tuning product for this BMW model. Further down there is a detailed description of the different tuning stages and tuning packages.
 StockECU RemapPerformance Package
Price (ex. taxes)€ 569,-€ 1309,-
Power (hp)218hp250hp272hp
Engine power (Kw)160Kw184Kw200Kw

What is ECU remapping?

Remapping is adjusting the computer program that drives the engine of your car. The software is optimized to ensure efficiency and power go up. Remapping by Mosselman makes your car perform better.

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Model: 5 series
Year: E60 (2001-2009)
Fuel type: Petrol
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