MSL Turbos

High-end Performance

Looking for that next step in performance? Our MSL Turbochargers offer a huge boost in performance. By increasing the airflow and reducing backpressure,
these turbos increase performance levels significantly without sacrificing reliability. To ensure maximum compatibility, they’re based on OEM quality turbos,
but with several components of our own design to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

MSL Turbo - S55

Plug and Play!

Thanks to their OEM origins, the MSL Turbochargers are easy to install and require no additional modification. Of course they work beautifully with our ECU Remaps, iTronic engine controller and the other high performance parts in our line-up. Each MSL Turbocharger is manufactured according the Poka Yoke and ISO standards on the in-house production line. They are subjected to rigorous quality control and VSR reports and come with a limited 1 year warranty.

Manufactured in-house

Each Mosselman Turbo upgrade is carefully designed and manufactured at the Mosselman Turbo Systems facility in The Netherlands.

Low-lag, High-boost

MSL Turbochargers feature fast spool-up combined with high flow-rates to guarantee a low amount of lang and a wide power band.

Plug and Play installation

Our turbos are designed for plug and play installation. Any automotive mechanic should be able to replace a stock turbo with one of our high-end units.

MSL Turbo - N55

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