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When we talk about chiptuning a car (remap), we mean that we adjust the software of your BMW or Mini. This allows us to change the parameters of the engine management system, for an example the fuel injection system, ignition and turbo pressure. We always stay within the limits of the engine, which allows you to enjoy maximum performance under safe engine conditions.

The iTronic is an advanced engine controller that works simultaneously with the original ECU and is highly recommended on new and young BMW models that still have the factory warranty. It is designed as an external module (tuning box) that can be installed and removed by the end-user, minimizing problems with the factory warranty.

The iTronic connects with a couple of sensors from the car, including the mass airflow sensor and CAN connection. This allows us to read a lot of data of the car. For example, RPM, temperatures, and pedal position. Due to the CAN connection you can also turn the iTronic ON/OFF with the BC button on your steering wheel.

Most of the power boxes doesn’t have a good name in the tuning industry, usually because they don’t deliver what is promised. However there is a difference between tuning with a power box and our iTronic. The iTronic connects with more sensors than a regular power box, like the mass airflow sensor and the CAN-BUS connection. Thanks to these connections additional data, such as the throttle position, is available. We use this information to optimize the car’s software and increase the performance in a safe way.

The iTronic is plug-and-play and requires no modifications to get it installed. We provide an installation manual when you purchase an iTronic, the installation time is approximately 1 hour. Installation can also be done at one of our dealers, they will charge an installation fee though.

The iTronic is specifically developed for cars that still have their warranty. It leaves no traces in the software of the car, and because it’s an external device it can be removed, minimizing problems with the factory warranty. 

No, we don’t offer any warranty on the engine after buying our iTronic. We don’t do this because we don’t know in what condition your engine is before you install the iTronic. However, we designed the iTronic to be harmless to the car and its engine. We do offer great aftersales services to our customers. If you have any problems with the iTronic we will do our best to offer all the help needed to solve the problems. 

The iTronic comes with a 2-year warranty on the components and the software, under normal use during the warranty period. 

The iTronic, and its wiring harness, are specific for each car model. The iTronic can be installed on another car with the same model and engine, but it cannot be installed on different models.

Mosselman Turbo Systems has been the expert in BMW and Mini tuning for over 40 years. Due to our experience and expertise we know exactly how far we can go when we chiptune a car. Over the years we’ve constantly developed and thoroughly tested of our software mappings. We believe it’s very important that our software and performance products don’t have negative impact on the reliability of a car. That’s why made sure every upgrade we perform is completely safe and does not harm the car or it’s engine, if driven under normal conditions.

The fuel consumption after chip tuning will be a bit lower, if driven under normal circumstances. However, if you have more power and torque you will probably use it and this will increase the fuel consumption. You can save fuel with our chip tuning, but it all comes down to how good you are in controlling your right foot.

No, we don’t offer warranty on the engine after buying our chip tuning. We don’t do this because we don’t know how what happened with the car and engine before the chip tuning. Before we start with the tuning we will always read the ECU for fault codes and check the engine visually for possible problems. Due to our experience and expertise we know exactly how far we can go when we chiptune a car. We always stay within the limits of the engine, which allows you to enjoy maximum performance under safe engine conditions.

Chip tuning your car will take approximate 3-4 hours, including optional dyno runs. We have a waiting area with some magazines and coffee to make the waiting comfortable. 

The iMoss is an OBD to USB programming device that can read and program ECU files and read/delete fault codes of the car. iMoss allows you to chiptune your car with a Mosselman remap by yourself, without visiting one of our dealers!

The iMoss allows you to read your original ECU file. Connect the iMoss to your car and a computer, read the file and send it back to us by e-mail. We’ll tune your ECU file and send it back to you. Upload it back into your car and enjoy the improved performance. 

Yes, it is equipped with a real thermostat, not an always open solution. The oil will still reach the operating temperature at the same time as a stock thermostat.

This item is not "plug and play". You will need to make some adjustments to the car to fit the bigger oil cooler and bracket. Installation time is approximately 3 hours for the Single cooler kit and 4 hours for the Twin cooler setup.

You view download the installation manual here: 

Installation Manual Oil Cooler Kits

Yes, all Mosselman Turbocharger upgrades are based on brand NEW OEM/MHI turbos!

The core charge is a mandatory deposit when buying a Mosselman turbo upgrade. After you received the upgraded turbo, you have the option to send your old turbo back to us. We will refund the core charge if the original turbo is still in a good and usable shape. Or you can keep your old turbo! That allows you to bring the car back to its original state when needed, or sell it locally for a better price. 

Mosselman Turbo Systems offers an extremely low core charge on our turbo upgrades compared to other companies. 

Yes, thanks to their OEM origin the Mosselman upgraded turbochargers are plug-and-play. They come as a complete set, including the actuators.