Black Friday Offer

23 November 2018

Black Friday Sale - 20% OFF on our S55 Upgraded Turbos

Take your BMW M3/M4 to a whole new level with our S55 MSL 62-75 Turbochargers. These turbos have the potential to reach between 620 and 750 horsepower, depending on the modification to the car.

- Brand new OEM Turbos, Upgraded by Mosselman

- No Core Charge!

Price: 3799 € 3039,- (excluding tax sales).
The offer is valid from 23 until 30 November. Contact us to order the turbos.

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About our Turbos

Our MSL Turbochargers offer a huge boost in performance. By increasing the airflow and reducing backpressure, these turbos increase performance levels significantly without sacrificing reliability. To ensure maximum compatibility, they’re based on OEM quality turbos, but with several components of our own design to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Thanks to their OEM origins, the MSL Turbochargers are easy to install and require no additional modification. Of course, they work beautifully with our ECU Remaps, iTronic Engine Controllers and the other high-performance parts in our line-up. Each MSL Turbocharger is manufactured according to Poka Yoke and ISO standards on the in-house production line. They are subjected to rigorous quality control and VSR reports and come with a limited 1-year warranty.